Novice Maria receives the Benedictine medal, the Rule of Benedict and a copy of our Constitution


The Prologue of the Holy Rule of St. Benedict begins with a simple yet profound word – listen.  To enter into a monastery is to give your life over to listening for God in silence, in prayer, in conversation with one another and in the circumstances of the world.  Psalm 95 exhorts all who have ears to not harden our hearts if we hear God speaking to us, wherever, whenever, through whomever.  To seek God in a monastery is to step into a centuries-long tradition of prayer, community living and giving of oneself to others through a life centered on Christ.

With violence continuing to pulverize the Middle East and escalating unease building between countries in Asia, it is a sign of hope when a person decides to take the next step in surrendering her life to listening for God with unity in God as the ultimate goal.

Postulant Maria took that next step Sunday during Vespers.  She is now Novice Maria.  Let us continue to hold her and all those in formation in prayer as they courageously put one foot in front of the other and walk the path of selflessness, peace and love.  “And may God bring us all together to life everlasting” (RB 72:12).


Sr. Pat, Novice Maria, Sr. Lynn

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