A Day in my Life – part I

I’ve been wanting to blog more often but I can’t ever seem to think of anything interesting to blog about… so I took it to Twitter and the first suggestion was my day to day life … thanks, Kelly!

So here was my day yesterday!

4:00 am – Alarm goes off -I would love to say that I jump out of bed eagerly every day… but most days its a bit of a battle.  I do try to make my first conscious thoughts and words a prayer – offering my day to God and invoking His aid.

4:15-4:45 Exercise… we have an elliptical but it needs a new belt (or ball bearings or something… you start talking mechanics and all I hear is blahblahblah) … so I used our circuit machines.  Not my favorite exercise routine but necessary!

4:45-5:30 – Shower, dress etc – I know it’s a lot of time but I do NOT like to rush in the mornings.

5:30-6:30 – Personal prayer time and lectio.  I  pray with the Mass Readings for the day and I pray the Rosary. (Note another blog idea!)

6:30 -7:00 Lauds – Morning Prayer with the community

7:00-7:30 Read the newspaper or check news online

7:30-8:00 – Mass

We try to keep “silence” in the morning until after Mass.  This means that we only talk if really necessary and even then we try to use a quiet voice.  So after Mass, there is usually more sound in the house as we begin our day and greet one another.

8:00 – Check in with cooks – I am the kitchen manager for our monastery.  We have 2 women that cook for us during the week.  It’s my job to prepare the menus and do the shopping and food ordering.  Every morning I check in with our cooks to make sure they are okay with the menu and see if they have any questions. Also, I confirm the number of people who will be at the meal.  Our main meal is at noon and it’s pretty substantial.  The meal for today is  peppers  stuffed w/ground chicken and rice, oven roasted zucchini and creme de menthe cake.  YUM!

8:30 – 9:15 am met with the copier repairman – We have a large copier that we lease.  I don’t remember how it became my responsibility but it is… so when the lid broke I had to call in the repairman.  He was very nice but didn’t have the part we needed (again I heard blahblahblah) but it’s been ordered so help is on the way!

9:15 – finally ate breakfast!  Breakfast is the only meal we have “on our own”.   This means there is not a set meal time – we each get our breakfast whenever we want to eat.  Some sisters eat early,  I usually choose to eat after Mass but since the repairman was here I ate a bit later.

9:40ish – finally get to my office.   I am the formation director for our Congregation which means I work with  the new women who enter our community hoping to become full sisters.  It is a minimum of six years of preparation.  I am their director for the first three years which consist of the postulancy and the novitiate (a whole other topic to explore in a future post!).

Also work on another new project – our chronicles.  We keep a brief day to day journal of what happens in the monastery.  We have these records dating back to our beginnings in 1874!  The sister that usually does this task became sick suddenly and will probably have a long recovery so I was asked to fill in for her for the next few months.  I discovered however that she had not done the last weeks of May so I have been trying to think back and fill in the blanks.

11:45 – stop office work and head to chapel.  We have a time of community prayer before our main meal.   Its about 20 minutes long – 10 minutes of which is spent in silence.   Its a nice way to re-focus our minds after a busy morning.

12:20-1:15 – Dinner and dishes! We eat the meal together.  We call our dining room the “refectory” – a monastic term for the place where you eat.  We have tables that seat six – there is no assigned seating.  We do speak at our meals, a way of recreating with each other.  After the meal – every one helps with dishes.  We are assigned either to the big dishwasher that does the plates and utensils or the kitchen where we wash the pots and pans.  I am assigned to the kitchen.  I also take this time to talk to the cooks about supper preparations.

so… that’s was my morning yesterday.  Stay tuned for the afternoon adventures!



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3 Responses to “A Day in my Life – part I”

  1. Michele Highbe said:

    Really enjoyed this daily diary. It actually made me focus more on the things I need to be.Can not wait to read this daily. Great job and I thank you, it has given me ideas for more time for prayer and time with God. Yes I do wake up that early also but I seem to waste a lot of it. Thank You, God Bless!

  2. Margy said:

    Wow,, a busy morning. Looking forward to read about the rest of the day. God Bless You!

  3. Sooz said:

    I loved reading about your morning!

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